Family Artifact (1989-2013)
Fuji Color Paper, stop-fyre and water

On Family Artifact:

The large prints magnifying deteriorated family photographs of a  1990’s childhood are eerie, as
if the emulsion itself remembers the trauma of growing up. What was once a trip to the beach
evokes a tie-dye nightmare, a liquid dream.  The photographic surface is a landscape; a commingling
of memory, history and time embedded within the emulsion. To view these photographs is to conduct
an archeological dig that manifests a map of the past, present and future.

The photographic emulsion has absorbed the visual trauma of external affairs;  a flood, a chimney fire-
whose unpredictable chemical reaction resulted in a shift and the creation of a new dimension. These
photographs represent the graphic evolution of a system; the letting go of childhood and the destruction
of a nuclear family. The decaying images beg the question- What do we retain? What do we pass down?
What do we let go?